1. Get There

From the recording Say Something

All songs written by Emily Shore
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
David Peters (www.davidpeters.com)
Produced: David Peters & Emily Shore
Guitars & Vocals: Emily Shore
Harmony Vocals, slide guitar: David Peters
Bass: Mike Valerio
Drums: Jimmy Paxson
Keyboards: Julie Wolf
Guitar on Track #3: Larry Marciano
Photography: Jessica Greaux
Emily Shore copyright reserved 2015


Sometimes when I’m tired I will see the eyes of people I knew
long ago and far away pasted on some stranger’s face.
It’s also when I’m tired I decide my dreams are just too hard,
resolve myself to hold my breathe and make my parents rich and proud

But then baby I still hear you tell me
I can still hear you say
when you get there you’ll want to come down

Now I’m tired and bitter, I am taking all our pictures,
I am juggling them badly watching glass fly everywhere.
This is just to tell you that despite your new aged intentions
this time you have really lost me, to you I’m gone.

You are walking towards something larger
and I have no doubt that you will get there,
but when you get there you’ll want to be mine