From the recording Say Something

All songs written by Emily Shore
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
David Peters (
Produced: David Peters & Emily Shore
Guitars & Vocals: Emily Shore
Harmony Vocals, slide guitar: David Peters
Bass: Mike Valerio
Drums: Jimmy Paxson
Keyboards: Julie Wolf
Guitar on Track #3: Larry Marciano
Photography: Jessica Greaux
Emily Shore copyright reserved 2015


You got the same eyes, and you got the same lips,
and you got the same hands, jeans hanging off the same hips.
It’s really good to see you, yeah it’s been a long while
since I heard your same jokes and I saw your same smile.

You might look just like you always did
when our love was good and strong.
But that’s all that’s left - everything else is gone.

You know those trees that grow up by the ocean,
even when there’s no wind they show the wind’s motion.
You could not fly a kite, the sky is clear above,
but branches bend in angles you wouldn’t dream of.

So you got the same skin, just a bit longer hair,
but all our former magic, all our former fanfare
is missing like the sun when we woke up for a sunrise,
is missing like the good now that’s time for saying goodbye

So go on take my love go back to your new life and may you thrive.
Because i know i should i will find the good
now that it’s time to say goodbye.