1. I'll Fall

From the recording Say Something

All songs written by Emily Shore
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
David Peters (www.davidpeters.com)
Produced: David Peters & Emily Shore
Guitars & Vocals: Emily Shore
Harmony Vocals, slide guitar: David Peters
Bass: Mike Valerio
Drums: Jimmy Paxson
Keyboards: Julie Wolf
Guitar on Track #3: Larry Marciano
Photography: Jessica Greaux
Emily Shore copyright reserved 2015


Be careful where you point that smile
I know about balance though it’s been a while,
a 2 degree tip, the tiniest slip and I’ll fall in love with you

Use caution how you curl that lip,
angle it up just the tiniest bit,
the shallowest shift, the littlest lift and I’ll fall in love with you

We’re catching up to the memory my mind’s already made -
you’re by my living room window,
I’m walking home watching you framed

Emergency exits ready, clear the aisle,
release the wolves and the inner child,
if one falls asleep the other one weeps and i’ll fall in love with you ...
and there’s nothing that I’d rather do