1. Jonah

From the recording Say Something

All songs written by Emily Shore
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
David Peters (www.davidpeters.com)
Produced: David Peters & Emily Shore
Guitars & Vocals: Emily Shore
Harmony Vocals, slide guitar: David Peters
Bass: Mike Valerio
Drums: Jimmy Paxson
Keyboards: Julie Wolf
Guitar on Track #3: Larry Marciano
Photography: Jessica Greaux
Emily Shore copyright reserved 2015


Put away all the china, pull the furniture back from the door
take down everything hanging or slippery on the floor.

Sometimes when Jonah comes busting in
I just don’t know where to begin.

Watch his little boy goofy wiggle in his 6 foot frame
He tells me he got kicked out of class third time today
He says, “See mr. so-and-so he just don’t appreciate the arts”
then he shows me his latest sketch -
a puppy dog guts pulled out through its heart

That’s out of my jurisdiction young man,
you’re gonna have to call home.
He dials, I hear a woman screaming like a megaphone.

So we have this conversation for the 10th time today,
how when you look at something disgusting
you don’t say ‘oh that’s so gay’
But before I try anything i ready myself for defeat,
‘cause come 3 o’clock he’s headed back to Fillmore Street