1. How I Lost

From the recording Say Something

All songs written by Emily Shore
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by
David Peters (www.davidpeters.com)
Produced: David Peters & Emily Shore
Guitars & Vocals: Emily Shore
Harmony Vocals, slide guitar: David Peters
Bass: Mike Valerio
Drums: Jimmy Paxson
Keyboards: Julie Wolf
Guitar on Track #3: Larry Marciano
Photography: Jessica Greaux
Emily Shore copyright reserved 2015


Day by day, one by one my life is passing me by.
I want a net, a big tall net, wanna hold that net above my head high.
I remember when my fingers in a slow breeze caught enough.
I remember when my pockets, drawers and closets were filled up.
now the ledger in my heart is written all in red where there should be blood.
I am leaking life when i remember how I lost your love